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About Tom

Tom is a married father who is greatly outnumbered by his twenty-seven daughters and two flabradors (chubby labs…also female). Given the Best Mortgage Lender Award, 5280 5 star Mortgage Professional, Top 1%, Best of the Best Award, and even a Gold Star Sticker (from his Mom), he is a hardworking, honest loan officer that enjoys helping people with their financing needs. He has been in the mortgage industry since 1998 and regardless of whether it is refinancing or buying a new home,  Tom loves what he does and would be honored to help you.

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About Edge Home Finance Corporation

Edge Home Finance is a true Mortgage Broker….

Mortgage Brokers are independent, trained professionals licensed to represent and provide you with the best advice for your mortgage needs.

Mortgage Brokers primary expertise is locating funding for mortgage financing. They know where the best rates can be found. What’s more, they have the knowledge required to present a proposal for financing to lenders in the best way possible to successfully obtain mortgage financing.

So Why Deal With A Mortgage Broker Over a Bank?

Mortgage Brokers represent you, the customer, not the lender. Because they are not employees of a lending institution, Brokers are not limited in the product they can offer you. Brokers seek out the best lender package to suit your specific situation, whether it’s with a Chartered Bank, Trust or Insurance Company, or Private Funds.

There is a wide assortment of options and features available to homebuyers today. Shopping around takes a lot of time and effort. The mortgage process within today’s very competitive marketplace intimidates many homebuyers. It pays to work with a mortgage professional who will represent you and ensure the mortgage you get is the one best suited to your needs.

Choosing the wrong mortgage can cost you thousands of extra dollars. Mortgage Brokers are trained professionals who can help you save on your mortgage dollar.

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